Original Music by Dave Anthony
Devil In The Eye
I looked in to the mirror
And things start gettin' clearer
Things I'd done in the past
Caught up to me at last
I saw the devil in my eye

The devil kept a comin'
And so I start runnin'
I knew I couldn't race him
And so I had to face him
That devil looked me in the eye

The devil looked at me
And in him I could see
All the things I'd done
Just to have some fun
Lightning knocked me down
I was hurt and on the ground
I was hurt for sure
But he could do no more
I wondered what he saw


I looked and there behind me
St. Michael and his army
Angels had come to save me
That's why he couldn't take me
I looked the devil in the eye
I looked the devil in the eye

Too much drink and smoke
Too many dirty jokes
Thinkin' of myself
Thought of no one else
All the girls I knew
What I put them through
Now that I've been saved
I know I'll change my ways
This is New Year's day


And so I said goodbye
To the devil in my eye
And as he left for hell
He turned and wished me well
I looked the devil in the eye
I looked the devil in the eye


It's great to be alive
With angels by my side
So sweet to count my blessings
My sins I am confessing
I looked the devil in the eye

doo dad a doo doo doo

Lyrics Credits: Anthony David and Paula setteducati
Music Credits: Anthony David Setteducati
Producer Credits: Anthony David Setteducati
Performance Credits: Dave Anthony
Song Length: 3:45
Primary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre: Jazz-General
Tempo: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal