Original Music by Dave Anthony
The Demon
There's a demon on this island
He is loose and running free
He hides his pain in many pleasures
So many seek him willingly

Many ways he has to trick you
Many ways to lure your soul
But the surest way he hooks you
Is by drugs and alcohol

He will turn your heart to stone
And stupefy your senses too
Take your health and all your treasures
And the soul..... inside of you (music cut)

Mandolin riff

He is hiding, he is lurking
Just to see what you will do
If you tell him that you love him
Then your family life is through

There is no one you will care for
There is no one you will love
Just the demon in your body
That you'll be dreaming of......(music cut)

Mandolin riff

Cruel sadness and degradation
Are the pains that you will bear
And when you're lying in the gutter
You won't even care

O I cry for all the families
Where the demon has his hold
Sons and daughters sisters brothers
Have lost their lives..... and lost their souls (music cut)

Mandolin solo

And I fear for all the young ones
Seeking pleasure naturally
They are deceived by the demon
They partake so willingly

For everyone will seek out pleasure
Everyone deserves their fun
But I beg you fear the demon
And the damage that he's done

For the demon's not the drugs
Or the drinking that you do
He's the root of selfish pleasure
That is deep.... inside of you (music cut)

And he's deep..... inside me too
Inside me too, inside me too (music cut)

Mandolin riff

Lyrics Credits: Anthony David Setteducati
Music Credits: Anthony David Setteducati
Producer Credits: Anthony David Setteducati
Performance Credits: Dave Anthony
Story Behind the Song:
this is for my brother and all those who know the demon
Song Length: 4:39
Primary Genre: Folk-Traditional
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later