Original Music by Dave Anthony
You Just Don't Make Me Smile (featuring Shannon Rae)
You just don't make me smile
it's been that way a while
it's better that we go
since we know it's not working
goodbye is not a failure
when it's better
to walk away
but if you must know the reason
you just don't make me smile!

I'd rather live alone
than living in a home
where there is no joy, no trust, or no freedom
you know, you know that I'm not lying
and whta I say is so true
So if you must know the reason
you just don't make me smile!

over and over we keep going over
your words put a sting in my heart
I keep on trying but you think I'm lying
you say we can make a new start
but there's one thing you're forgetting
you just don't make me smile!

It's better that you go
without an angry show
it's better for us both to move on from this story
we loved and lost my darling
it's time to say goodbye
don't slam the door as you're leaving!
you just don't make me smile!
Lyrics Credits: Dave Anthony Setteducati
Music Credits: Dave Anthony Setteducati
Producer Credits: Dave Anthony Setteducati
Performance Credits: Shannon Rae, vocal: Dave Anthony, guitars, bass, drums, accordion: Paul Effman, clarinet, Ilya Shteynma, trumpet: Rich Cheshire, piano
Short Song Description:
he wants to know why she's breaking up with him
Story Behind the Song:
I asked Shannon what she likes to sing about, and what was happening in her life, because I wanted to write a song specially for her. She told me she had just broken up with her boyfriend, because he didn't make her smile.
Song Length: 3:07
Primary Genre: Jazz-Classic
Secondary Genre: Jazz-General
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Language: English
Era: 1930 - 1939