Original Music by Dave Anthony
Turnpike Tale (original classic rock)
Drivin down that rainy road
She saw me and she flagged me down
Can I help you lonely girl?
Said she'd really like a ride to town
She'd appreciate a ride to town

She jumped in to my pick up truck
She looked me up and down
She asked me if I was the kind
The kind of man who fooled around
Would you kinda like to fool around?

guitar solo

I said I got a woman a real good woman
We live west of town
I said i got a woman she's my honey
We don't mess around

She asked me if I was a man
Or the kind that went the other way
She ticked me off I stopped my truck
To look her in the eyes and say
I looked her in the eyes to say

organ solo

She looked back at me like she didn't know what to say
Her face turned red and then she turned away way way way

She jumped out of my pickup truck
And flashed the finger sign
And as I drove away from her
I was really glad that you are mine
I was really glad that you are mine


Lyrics Credits: Dave Anthony Setteducati
Music Credits: Dave Anthony Setteducati
Producer Credits: Dave Anthony Setteducati
Performance Credits: Dave Anthony vocals and guitars: Evad Ettes, bass and vocal harmony; Roland Espieten, keyboards; T.R. Seveno, drums
Short Song Description:
a guy picks up a girl on a rainy road and she makes him an offer!
Story Behind the Song:
This actually happened to me not long after I was first married. I was on Jericho Turnpike after picking up pay for my band's work the previous weekend at one of the Island's largest catering halls. It was pouring rain, and this person with a big leather
Song Length: 3:54
Primary Genre: Rock-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Era: 2000 and later